Following are links to some videos that make me smile or sing. Hopefully they will you to. As I come across more that I like I’ll add them (bandwidth permitting).

First, a link to my Music Muse post with a sample of tunes that inspired me in my writing of Opalescence.

Next, some songs from three of my favorite vocalists (also inspirations), John Denver, Lisa Kelly – I love LK 😉 – and Enya. Click on the bottom right corner to enlarge.

John Denver

Rocky Mountain High

Annie’s Song

Calypso (John Denver’s tribute to Jacques Cousteau)

Sunshine On My Shoulders

Lisa Kelly

May It Be

Send Me A Song

The Voice

Fields Of Gold


If I Could Be Where You Are

It’s In The Rain

Flora’s Secret

Storms In Africa

An old favorite!

A new favorite!

I really like this one. The lyrics are great but I can’t find a version now that has them. Anyway here it is.


A remarkable video

A few wildflower meadow videos

I love these guys

The Earth From Space

Pale Blue Dot