A Trip to Gaviota Hot Springs

Hello Everyone! I have been wanting to sit in some magma heated water for awhile so we decided on a visit to Gaviota Hot Springs. First, though, as the pool was filled with people when we arrived we decided on an excursion up the mountain. Not really a lot of photographic opportunities there but here […]

Knowing The Score

Everything is hard-edged and gray. There is no light. No color. It clangs painfully, and drones dully. The heartbeat of the world is slowing. Slowing. What do you do when there‚Äôs nothing left? What do you do when every resource on earth has been exhausted? When water, air, and food must evermore be recycled to […]

A Visit to Sharktooth Hill

This was more of an early spring stroll through the countryside while learning about the place from owner, Rob Ernst. There were maybe 20 of us there. My favorite thing about this visit, though, were the hillsides covered in wildflowers, and the many meadowlarks singing the joy of the morning. A youtube video of a […]