Recently, “The World Meteorological Organization has published a detailed analysis of the global climate 2011-2015” and declared it the Hottest five-year period on record. But still skepticism is high, especially among those of the conservative Republican persuasion (though that is changing). Click to enlarge. And to a degree, one can understand why denialism persists. Not […]

A Global Warning

Compare the following photographs (in sets of two). Click to enlarge. —– —– —– —– And a side by side. Do you notice anything … unusual? These are examples of Glacial Repeat Photography. In each case, someone took a picture of a glacier at a point in the early 19th or 20th century, generally in either […]

The Past is No Guide to the Future

“During the Middle Miocene … carbon dioxide levels were sustained at about 400 parts per million, which is about where we are today,” said Aradhna Tripati, UCLA assistant professor in the department of Earth and space sciences and the department of atmospheric and oceanic sciences. As we close in on the similarities between the atmospherically […]