Space or Bust! III

A Discover Magazine interview with Louis Friedman makes clear that those pinning their hopes and faith on space colonization for the future of humanity should the earth “fall”, are dangerously barking up the wrong tree. Following are some snippets. “Louis Friedman has always balanced his optimistic vision for the future of human space exploration with […]


See update at bottom. Just saw a rather large fireball and streak, heading, I believe, southeast in relation to my position (I was on a dark, windy country road) through the sky, around 10:30 pm. The streak was big, green and orange, and left a long fading trail. Looked it up, and it may have […]

A Glimpse of Divinity

Called the Overview Effect, something interesting, but not well publicized, happens to people, astronauts, when viewing the earth from space. These travelers tell of a sudden awakening of their consciousness, and an almost religious ecstasy that accompanies it. We here on earth find it hard to see the forest for the trees. Maybe we should […]