Opalescence Cover Image

This is the first cover that my artist brother, Rod, made for me. Not bad as far as old-time sci-fi novels go.

The First Cover

The First Cover

After some wrangling, he updated and greatly improved it with the following version which I like a lot which I think you’ll agree.

Update: Well, I finally changed that cover. I kind of liked it, but there were aspects that I didn’t like too, namely the unclarity of the countries (which was done purposely for legal, copyright reasons), and the print book version of the cover was kind of bad in my opinion. The ebook cover above that I brightened was a take on his print book cover, and was much better. But that still left the print cover, which was dull and unclear. That cover I couldn’t improve. So I finally hired professional cover designers, with his input, to make a whole new cover. I think it’s beautiful.

Adobe Photoshop PDF

Oh, if you’re wondering, yes that’s actually me hiking in that lovely place you see!


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