Of Drought and Rains and Climate Change

We on the west are having quite the winter this year. Torrential storms (accompanied by hurricane force winds) are soaking the state of California*, hopefully ending a punishing 5 year drought. I see though, in my perusing of various websites on the topic, that some are wasting no time in zealously claiming that these rains […]

A Trip to Gaviota Hot Springs

Hello Everyone! I have been wanting to sit in some magma heated water for awhile so we decided on a visit to Gaviota Hot Springs. First, though, as the pool was filled with people when we arrived we decided on an excursion up the mountain. Not really a lot of photographic opportunities there but here […]

Super Historic

California just received some much needed rainfall. What made it remarkable, however, was that it fell in July, a summer month, while our winter months were almost dry. Says Washington Post “Saturday’s rainfall broke records in at least 11 locations, including five places that had the most rain ever recorded on any day in July, Sirard […]

The Past is No Guide to the Future

“During the Middle Miocene … carbon dioxide levels were sustained at about 400 parts per million, which is about where we are today,” said Aradhna Tripati, UCLA assistant professor in the department of Earth and space sciences and the department of atmospheric and oceanic sciences. As we close in on the similarities between the atmospherically […]