Of Drought and Rains and Climate Change

We on the west are having quite the winter this year. Torrential storms (accompanied by hurricane force winds) are soaking the state of California*, hopefully ending a punishing 5 year drought. I see though, in my perusing of various websites on the topic, that some are wasting no time in zealously claiming that these rains […]

Zzyzx Road

From Jon Jenkins’ Beyond City Light album. One of those special tunes that inspired me to write. Zzyzx, a small complex of buildings located in the Mojave Desert Midway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, was once a spa and retreat of sorts for devout Christians. It was run by a colorful fellow named Curtis […]

David Attenborough: A Giving Life

I sometimes shudder the state of world ecology if environmental activists weren’t here to care and fight for its protection and inform the rest of us about the so often unrealized consequences of our actions on the natural world (and thus ultimately on ourselves). Without John Muir, Yosemite and other places of beauty and wonder […]

Space or Bust III

A Discover Magazine interview with Louis Friedman makes clear that those pinning their hopes and faith on space colonization for the future of humanity should the earth “fall” are dangerously barking up the wrong tree. Following are some snippets. “Louis Friedman has always balanced his optimistic vision for the future of human space exploration with […]


I wrote this once and have kept it but didn’t know what else I could do with it. It’s sort of a rambling trail of thoughts I had one day when I considered rocks and all of the long history, the many transformations they go through over time. My apologies for its seeming unfinshedness. But […]

A Tribute to Loren Eiseley

Though I’ve read the works of a number of naturalists, Loren Eiseley* is my favorite. The man was gifted with a way of writing that called out faintly from that dark immensity, the vast sweep of time. Like me, he was a walker, but his were through the long ages as a keen observer, a […]

Your Friend, The Bat

Great article from National Geographic about a very misunderstood, feared and attacked animal. This Book Drives a Wooden Stake Into The Mythology of Bats Some snippets: In my [world famous bat reseacher, Merlin Tuttle] entire 55-year long career studying bats, I have never been attacked by a one. I have never documented an aggressive bat […]


See update at bottom. Just saw a rather large fireball and streak heading, I believe, southeast in relation to my position (I was on a dark, windy country road) through the sky around 10:30 pm. The streak was big, green and orange and left a long fading trail. Looked it up and it may have […]

A Global Warning

Compare the following photographs (in sets of two). Click to enlarge. —– —– —– —– And a side by side. Do you notice anything … unusual? These are examples of Glacial Repeat Photography. In each case someone happened to take a picture of a glacier at a point in the early 19th or 20th century, […]

A Word About Bees

(This post has been edited for accuracy). What would be your reaction if you suddenly saw a swarm of bees buzzing through the sky or even around you? For many the response would be panic. RUN! AAAAAA!. I’m here to tell you, though, that there is nothing to fear (note: see Upate below). For the […]