The Last Option

Had a bit of fun writing this story. Nothing serious, but I hope you enjoy it. 😉 — “We were a trio of planets. Tronta, g-Nibëkrsz and Urth. Tronta, we know as the asteroid belt. G-Nibëkrsz was Mars.” Jonza said, looking at his son Danyelt, his hands spread and gesturing. “Though we – I mean […]


Space or Bust! III

A Discover Magazine interview with Louis Friedman makes clear that those pinning their hopes and faith on space colonization for the future of humanity should the earth “fall”, are dangerously barking up the wrong tree. Following are some snippets. “Louis Friedman has always balanced his optimistic vision for the future of human space exploration with […]

When The Last Wild Tree Was Felled

Following is a story penned by my brother, Rod years ago (he also, as an accomplished artist, created the cover to my book). It is part of an, as yet, unpublished collection of 29 fantastic short stories. Really top notch in my biased and unbiased opinion. His stories range from environmentally oriented tales (which I […]


It’s been said that if humanity (and the world, since it is within our power to destroy) is to survive, it will take a sudden mass evolutionary leap in human consciousness. Yesterday I wrote a post about hiking, and received lots (for me at least) of likes and follows in response. I’ve spent the morning […]

Reviewing Reviewers

Well, here’s a subject that is sensitive to every writer. Reviews. When they are good, we are thrilled. But when negative, not so much. No novel writer, of course, wants to think that his/her Great Work Of Art, as they see it, is not universally loved. He/she spent untold hours (many of us anyway) trying […]