Zephy Baby

I’ve not mentioned it before, but until recently, we owned a horse. Or, perhaps, Zephyr (meaning a gentle wind from the west) owned us. Either way, we were together for almost ten years. We got her from a rescue farm that, in turn, bought horses from a premarin farm in Canada. Premarin farms are (or […]

Paradise Lost

The “myth” of a paradisiacal past, or Golden Age, where people once lived in a fertile land/world of beauty, abundance and diversity is pretty well universal around the globe. The topic, though, is much too complicated for me to do it definitive justice, so instead I’m going to take the lazy way out and copy […]

Hi Valley

This is a hike that I’ve only walked a few times, yet it’s a beauty. The first time, I discovered it quite by accident years ago. No signs or marker, just a thin trail I happened to notice meekly winding it’s secretive way through the grassy woodland until it was lost from view. I took […]

Something New

For Opalesscence. A Goodreads Book Giveaway. While I have given away e-book versions of O before , this will be the first time I’ve done so with paperback* copies. Thus you might say it’s a bit of an experiment. Starting today, July 15, and running for one month to August 15, I am giving away […]

Opalescence: a Top Read for 2016.

Some good news re: Opalescence. I am not one to loudly trumpet my successes (few and far between though they are). However, in this case, not mentioning the following I think would be counter-productive (perhaps because they are so few and far between). If you’ve clicked on the Library Journal icon on this blog you’ve […]

Rejection is a Four Letter Word

Those who read this site and are familiar with the story of my novel know that Opalescence is a self-published, but not yet “officially” published book. This is not for lack of trying. Like countless other authors, I have sent query letters to many literary agencies and publishers via Agent Query and Query Tracker. The […]

Step Right Up!

If I haven’t totally botched this (always a possibility*). To my millions 😉 of loyal followers (okay, hundreds), a Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Soyal, Bodhi day, Yule, Pancha Ganapati, Shab-e Yaldā, Malkh-Festival, Chinese New Year, Omisoka, Newtonmas, Hogmanay and Humbug day (and any I might have left out by accident) gift. For a five day only […]

The James Webb Space Telescope

If you’re like me, you’ve delighted in the array of beautiful images that have come from the Hubble Space Telescope. Yet more than just pretty pictures, Hubble has made some fascinating discoveries, contributing to astronomical knowledge better than earth based telescopes can (which constantly have to struggle with light pollution). Following is a nice video […]

A Tribute to Loren Eiseley

Though I’ve read the works of a number of naturalists, Loren Eiseley* is my favorite. The man was gifted with a way of writing that called out faintly from that dark immensity, the vast sweep of time. Like me, he was a walker, but his were through the long ages as a keen observer, a […]