Zephy Baby

I’ve not mentioned it before, but until recently, we owned a horse. Or, perhaps, Zephyr (meaning a gentle wind from the west) owned us. Either way, we were together for almost ten years. We got her from a rescue farm that, in turn, bought horses from a premarin farm in Canada. Premarin farms are (or […]

Opalescence: a Top Read for 2016.

Some good news re: Opalescence. I am not one to loudly trumpet my successes (few and far between though they are). However, in this case, not mentioning the following I think would be counter-productive (perhaps because they are so few and far between). If you’ve clicked on the Library Journal icon on this blog, you’ve […]

Primal Urges

Hmm. Someone has compiled a rather long list of prehistoric fiction novels (1,406 titles!). For you trivia buffs, before Arthur Conan Doyle and Edgar Rice Burroughs came along, there was James De Mille. His 1888 story, A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder, is supposedly the oldest published dinosaur novel*. Anyway, I’m wondering if […]

Library Journal!

I applied to Library Journal and BiblioBoard’s Self-e program to make the e-book version of Opalescence available to participating libraries sometime back. Following is part of an email I received a couple of days ago: “Congratulations-your book, Opalescence, has been accepted into Library Journal’s curated SELF-e collections! As your book is a featured selection we […]

Reviewing Reviewers

Well, here’s a subject that is sensitive to every writer. Reviews. When they are good, we are thrilled. But when negative, not so much. No novel writer, of course, wants to think that his/her Great Work Of Art, as they see it, is not universally loved. He/she spent untold hours (many of us anyway) trying […]