I’ve saved these cartoons for years. They seemed particularly poignant, if perhaps a bit cynical (yet right on) to me. But they made me laugh. Hmm, laughter seems to be laughing at mistakes made, whether human or not. We find them funny, somehow. I wonder why? Anyway, see what you think. Note: Click to enlarge.

Zephy Baby

I’ve not mentioned it before, but until recently, we owned a horse. Or, perhaps, Zephyr (meaning a gentle wind from the west) owned us. Either way, we were together for almost ten years. We got her from a rescue farm that, in turn, bought horses from a premarin farm in Canada. Premarin farms are (or […]


And dogs. My daughter loves these things. She could read, and laugh at them, for hours, there’s just so many. They are funny, and strangely on target too. It’s nice to know that there are a lot of animal lovers out there! And they don’t necessarily have to involve cats and dogs. Here’s an example: […]

A Walk In The Woods

While it doesn’t have a lot to do with the Miocene epoch per se, and I am not a professional reviewer, I thought I’d give a shot at an assessment of the movie adaptation of Bill Bryson’s best-selling book of the same name: A Walk In The Woods. Anyway, hiking (along with conservation) is a […]

Tribulus terrestris

Also known as Puncture Vine, Devil’s Thorn and other unflattering names. Likely, you know the plant as Goatsheads, since it’s thorns, or nutlets, resemble a goat’s head. Native to the Mediterranean, but now naturalized to many countries around the world, like numerous other noxious exotics (example: Yellow Star Thistle), it was introduced here in North […]

Rejection is a Four Letter Word

Those who read this site, and are familiar with the story of my novel, know that Opalescence is a self-published, but not yet “officially” published book. This is not for lack of trying. Like countless other authors, I have sent query letters to many literary agencies and publishers via Agent Query and Query Tracker. The […]