Paradise Lost

The “myth” of a paradisiacal past, or Golden Age, where people once lived in a fertile land/world of beauty, abundance and diversity, is pretty well universal around the globe. The topic, though, is much too complicated for me to do it definitive justice, so instead I’m going to take the lazy way out and copy […]

The Demise of the Elephant

It’s a battle that has been raging for decades. Elephant (and rhino) poachers vs conservationists. Now a new study, [The Great Elephant Census], by 90 scientists, has shown that the numbers of elephants left in 18 African countries have plummeted due to illegal poaching, with 27,000, or 8%, killed every year. Some quotes from a […]


The art of reconstructing our ancient relatives, the Neandertals (commonly, neanderthals) from fossils has gotten pretty amazing. Neanderthals (roughly 350,000 to 35,000 years ago) did not lead to us however, we came from another group once called the Cro-Magnons (now called Early Modern Humans). Eventually, the Neanderthals became extinct. But, before that happened, there is […]

After Man

With so much dire news, especially since the turn of the century/millennium it seems, apocalypticism is all the rage as people ponder and worry about the future, a hint of apprehension present every time we look at the headlines. The topic is a hot one in literary quarters as well and I wonder if it […]


I’ve never been able to understand those who claim to have no regrets in life. I mean, come on, like they’ve never done or said something in haste, something they instantly, or upon later reflection, regretted? There’s nothing that they wish they could take back or do over? Well, maybe they just have a better […]