The Overview Effect

As some of you may know, and as I elaborated in a previous post, those who have travelled to space often recount the sheer awe, and apprehension, they feel when catching sight of the earth from outside. The experience has been described as life altering, and, as such, has been under study by a neuroscientist […]

Bright Night Lights

The human population has been growing at an incredible rate since the advent of industrialization. Take a look at this 6 minute video by Population Connection and you’ll see what I mean. With that growth in numbers has been an inexorable spread of various kinds of pollution. When people think of pollution, though, they usually […]

The James Webb Space Telescope

If you’re like me, you’ve delighted in the array of beautiful images that have come from the Hubble Space Telescope. Yet more than just pretty pictures, Hubble has made some fascinating discoveries, contributing to astronomical knowledge better than earth based telescopes can (which constantly have to struggle with light pollution). Following is a nice video […]