The Overview Effect

As some of you may know, and as I elaborated in a previous post, those who have travelled to space often recount the sheer awe, and apprehension, they feel when catching sight of the earth from outside. The experience has been described as life altering, and, as such, has been under study by a neuroscientist […]

Opalescence: a Top Read for 2016.

Some good news re: Opalescence. I am not one to loudly trumpet my successes (few and far between though they are). However, in this case, not mentioning the following I think would be counter-productive (perhaps because they are so few and far between). If you’ve clicked on the Library Journal icon on this blog, you’ve […]

Rejection is a Four Letter Word

Those who read this site, and are familiar with the story of my novel, know that Opalescence is a self-published, but not yet “officially” published book. This is not for lack of trying. Like countless other authors, I have sent query letters to many literary agencies and publishers via Agent Query and Query Tracker. The […]