Walking in the shade of the Laurel

Took another hike today. I think that shelter-in-place might be our undoing. The United States, that is. Americans have a hard time staying cooped up. Especially western Americans. Especially in the spring. When you see green grass growing, smell the flower’s blooming and hear the birds singing, you gotta get out.

A sign of the times?

One of the bottom lines is that we don’t know how long social distancing measures and lockdowns can be maintained without major consequences to the economy, society, and mental health. Unpredictable evolutions may ensue, including financial crisis, unrest, civil strife, war, and a meltdown of the social fabric…” John P.A. Ioannidis, March 17, 2020

These are on open trails

I post this for you who have been and are still sheltering in place. Just a few photos taken with my phone. Click to enlarge.

And, Be Responsible!*

Where I went

It was beautiful

Staying the path

Seen along the way


There’s the path!

An abandoned house up there

Blupine! Ok, Lupine

The pond is fuller now!

The same pond from above (another hike)

Looking back


And a “Bonus Shot”, A laurel with a seed/fruit. Pic taken on the same trail. Laurels are related to the avocados, so these are kind of like …

Little avocados!


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