Reflections At The Coast

The kid and I found this spectacular, and somewhat hidden, spot to walk and dream in. It is a place of beauty and peace. Of green hills and rolling waves. A place out-of-time.

As always, click to enlarge.

Interesting rock formations.

Ripples of an ancient seabed.

And seaspray! I love that word.

Walking here in this lovely place, one could forget that legal wars have been fought to preserve these special areas, not just for people, but for all of the other animal species that (should) also have a perfect right to exist as well. Wars? Yes! That’s because, if not for concerned and caring citizens, and especially environmental groups (of citizens), people who love nature and are willing to fight to preserve it, places like this would have long ago been developed and paved over; and purely for private profit, by those who see the land only in terms of dollars and cents. I mention some of these heroes in this post.

Remember that old song, Big Yellow Taxi? They paved paradise to put up a parking lot. The next several years promise, so far at least, to be difficult for those who care (see here and here for examples).

What kinds of people are these who want to roll back regulations that protect the environment and take away public lands? It’s common for these individuals and big business groups to couch their opposition arguments in a (temporary) pro “jobs” flavor, thus hoping to appeal to selfish natures and pit working people against conservationists. But read what they say behind closed doors and a different picture emerges, one of truly hostile self and special interests. Much more here. See also this related report.

We want to be able to exploit the environment for private gain, absolutely. – Ron Arnold

Lost in all this is the fact that conservationists are working people too, yet they understand that we need to set aside significant areas for protection, not only for the sake of earth’s ecological health, but for our own physical and spiritual well-being to boot, and are willing to sacrifice what personal financial gain they might attain, were they to work for such industries, to do so.

Let’s each do what we can to protect the nature that we have left from ruthless exploiters.

In the meantime, dear readers, Merry Christmas!


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