Caves We’ve Known

Similar to Wild Swimming Pools I’ve Known, here are some caves I’ve found and explored over the years. This isn’t all of them, just the ones I got pictures of.

This first one I found at The Grasslands (my name).

A talus cave.

These next two are of the same cave. First from the outside.

Then from inside!

Another from the outside.

And inside. My guess is the ceiling is about 8 feet high and it’s about 15 feet around.

This next one is also spacious, with a ceiling about 7 feet in height and maybe 15 feet in width. First from the outside.

Then partly inside.

Another discovered recently. Outside entrance.

And inside. This one is maybe 75 feet long, with evidence of human digging.

Cave at a little known beach. First from the outside.

Then from inside.

I don’t remember where, but outside …

Then inside


Spelunking anyone?


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