Something New

For Opalesscence. A Goodreads Book Giveaway. While I have given away e-book versions of O before , this will be the first time I’ve done so with paperback* copies. Thus you might say it’s a bit of an experiment.

Starting today, July 15, and running for one month to August 15, I am giving away 5 paperback copies of my wonderful 😉 middle Miocene novel.

Unfortunately, it looks to be somewhat of a gamble as to who will win them at the end of the month since it’s Goodreads which makes that decision. But hey, if you already have a Goodreads account (and are interested in the story) or if you’ve been thinking of having one, it wouldn’t hurt to try.

As selling/marketing/advertising is not my strong suit, barring comments, I’ll leave it at that. Hope you win!

*P.S. if anyone’s wondering, for every 173 copies of the print version sold, giveaway or not, I plan to plant a tree. That’s via a calculation I found online once (though I don’t remember where) based on weight. 🙂


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