Opalescence: a Top Read for 2016.

Some good news re: Opalescence.

I am not one to loudly trumpet my successes (few and far between though they are). However, in this case, not mentioning the following I think would be counter-productive (perhaps because they are so few and far between). If you’ve clicked on the Library Journal icon on this blog you’ve read about my submittal to, and gratifying acceptance in the esteemed Library Journal/Biblioboard curated Self-e collection. This is an important avenue of recognition for self-published authors because, as I noted in a recent post, for a variety of reasons, many many wonderful literary works likely never see the light of day.

What literary agents and the Big 5 publishers seem to be mostly interested in in science fiction/fantasy, IMO, despite their protests to the contrary, are the proven money makers (or what I humorously call SOT – that’s the same old thing. FunFact: I originally coined the term SOT to refer to our leftovers meals when my daughter wants to know what we’re having for dinner :/ ). Thus, looong after I thought they’d have run their course, stories about knights, dragons and medieval romances still annoyingly (to me at least) line the shelves of bookstores.

So it was with surprise and appreciation that I read that my humble self-published novel is actually being read. But more than that, it is considered, by Library Journal at least, a Top Book of 2016! One of three in the Science Fiction category Worldwide!

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that Opalescence has “made it”. I am still looking/hoping for a publisher. But it’s a stepping stone.

If you’ve read and liked Opalescence, you can help make it a success by leaving it an online review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or whichever store you obtained it from. What a lot of people don’t know is that positive book reviews can give those books reviewed a big boost, but the actual ratio of book reviews to books read, even if loved, is depressingly low, and that can suppress future notice. Thus, positive reviews are literary gold.

In exchange for your kind words a hearty and sincere thank you from me (that’s in lieu of a big kiss/handshake πŸ˜‰ ).

Courtesy of Spyder Wallpapers

Courtesy of Spyder Wallpapers


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