See update at bottom.

Just saw a rather large fireball and streak, heading, I believe, southeast in relation to my position (I was on a dark, windy country road) through the sky, around 10:30 pm. The streak was big, green and orange, and left a long fading trail.

Looked it up, and it may have been from the Orionid Meteor Shower. I have been noticing an uptick in larger than normal meteors lately. This one was easily the largest I’ve ever seen (there was one other time, but I’m not sure about that one). Hopefully there wil be more info tomorrow. Wish I could have gotten a picture.

Early morning update: a couple of weeks or so ago, you may have read, as did I, of the 1 1/2 mile wide rock, asteroid 86666 (2000 FL 10), that came close enough to the planet to get the usual doomsday tongues wagging. That one was actually pretty far away and passed without incident.

There is another large roid set to buzz by on Halloween (at a safe distance) known as 2015 TB145 that’s got my kid excited.

A news story from California dated October 13th.

I think what unnerves a lot of people is the knowledge that we can still be surprised by the seemingly out-of-nowhere space rock, like the one that struck Chelyabinsk Russia in 2013.

Still trying to find out if there is any other word on last night’s drama.

Update 2. Apparently this fireball was seen over quite a large area. Thank goodness, I was beginning to think that we were the only ones who saw it.


9 thoughts on “Wow!

    • Good job, lucky you!

      It’s funny that when I called news stations in the area the next morning no one knew anything and I began to worry that people might think I made it up. Then slowly the reports began to trickle in.

      From your link: “Equipped with the radar-cued search area, Robert and Anne Marie Ward located the first stone on 27 October, along the road (California Route 41), 7.3 km northeast of Creston, San Luis Obispo County.”

      I was just in Creston yesterday. Are you findee mentioned?


      • No, I’m Aaron xxxxxx. Just a local collector. Have yet to see anything in the local news about it. I know of just a handful of people locally who knew of the event, was cool to come across your accounting, my wife and I heard it and wrote it off as gun or truck noise on the highway. Don’t have as an advanced radar map as Ward, but I’ve been looking for others!


      • I’ve done some local library displays before, those are always fun. The stone was compared against two other finds, a 102 and ~72 g, as well as visually analyzed by several professionals (private experts/UCLA) – one witnessing my find. Luckily was out there while a lot of these individuals were still walking around the hills with me.


      • Despite one negatively charged individuals thoughts on the subject… I have my own permanent display 20 min up the coast from Morro Bay, we offer free admittance, public access to view collections upon request, and work with the usgs, the uc system and other universities here nationally and abroad. I donate unique local finds to proper institutes when given the opportunity. The MB NHM I’m not sure would be too interested in another project, but who knows.


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