Wish You Were Here

Went on a loop hike starting at Rinconada Trail near Pozo in Santa Margarita. From there I went right onto Hi Mountain Road, then down Big Falls trail, left on Lopez Canyon Road, wading through several appearances of the river across it, then up Little Falls Trail and back up and then down Rinconada. It runs roughly 15 miles, or so. Here’s a map.

As always, click to enlarge.

It was a cool, blue morning.

Heading down Big Falls trail.

A grassy woodland.

A surprise. There’s still water in the pools, even after years of drought! Come to think of it, I’ve never seen them without water.

Why? I just don’t get it…

A big sycamore.

One of the swimming holes. From above. It’s actually rather large and deep.

From an earlier hike. At the pool.

A fellow sojourner at the lower pool. I wave and push on.

Stopping for a drink of cold, clear water.

I think that hat is a bit big for you!

Lovely, delightfully scented, California Bay.

An especially friendly species of butterfly. A California Sister.

On Lopez Canyon road we have to wade through lots of streams (well, actually, it’s the same stream crossing the road many times).

One of the local unfriendlies. Notice that gun?

The last stretch of the route up Little Falls (see that thin trail on the right)?

An expansive view back down Rinconada.

The day’s haul. The stuff too big to carry, a styrofoam lid from an ice cooler, and some car parts, I carried to the gate of the aforementioned “unfriendly” and left it. Hopefully he will dispose of it. To be fair, the car parts (a length of bumper) I found in the river not far from his property.

Met a couple of hunters toward the end. But I’ll save that for another post.


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