A Trip to Gaviota Hot Springs

Hello Everyone! I have been wanting to sit in some magma heated water for awhile so we decided on a visit to Gaviota Hot Springs. First, though, as the pool was filled with people when we arrived we decided on an excursion up the mountain. Not really a lot of photographic opportunities there but here are some pics.

The trail (before it turns into a dirt road).

The view near the top. Fair warning: don’t expect great ocean pics as offshore oil rigs blight the scene. I once heard someone say, ‘if you take a piece of clean, white paper and put a single black dot somewhere on it, what will you see when you look at the paper? Right. Your eye will immediately go to the black dot and miss all the white around it. Just the way the eye works. That’s what oil rigs in the ocean do. At night these monoliths are brightly lit. The picture doesn’t really show them, but if you zero in one or two are there.

And now back to the hot spring. The water temp was good, about bathtub warm, though I would have liked it a bit hotter.

Bright, emerald green algae downstream.

From thence it was a trip to Santa Barbara and a stroll down a very busy State Street.

I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to visit these particular springs again. Another drawback was the tiny biting midges (also known as no-see-ums) which leave really itchy welts completely out of proportion to their diminutive sizes. I think they waited until I was out of the pool and my skin was sufficiently tenderized.

Still, all in all, it was a fun(ish) day.

Till next time!


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