Asleep on the Ring of Fire

We (my kid and I) decided to camp out on top of the notorious San Andreas Fault. The specific location was Wallace Creek, California. We chose the night of the twelfth because it was the apex of the Perseid meteor shower. What made it spectacular was that there was also a New Moon (meaning there was no moon/moonlight to compete with the show).

Unfortunately my camera couldn’t capture the heavenly fireworks.

Photos. As usual, click to enlarge.

Seen along the way. House of ghosts.

Tumbleweeds gather along fence lines.

A large solar energy (see the nrg there?) facility in the desert.

Information board.

This guy took us unawares as we were walking by. He was quite a lovely, if somewhat annoyed, rattlesnake.

The view from our campsite.

Straddling two plates – the Pacific (on the right), and the North American (on the left).

Future fossils. Elk tracks.


A dry lake bed. The white is the salt that was left when the lake dried up long ago.

A walk across.


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