Jurassic Wars

As most people know, there’s a new installment in the Jurassic Park series. This one is called Jurassic WorldI haven’t seen it yet as I am waiting for it to come to the big, drive in, screen. I figure you have to see dinosaurs on a big screen, and driveins are the biggest I know.

What most people may not know, though, is that there’s a battle going on in certain circles about a certain significant detail that the makers of the film chose to leave out. The combatants are certain paleontologists, or their accolytes on one side, and the makers of the movie, and its defenders on the other (with some intermixing).

At issue is the fact that the movie does not show dinosaurs with feathers. You see, science has learned, due to fairly recently unearthed fossils, that the theropods branch of dinosaurs were feathered, indicating that they were the ancestors of birds. And actually, if you’ll remember the last scene in Jurassic Park, the one where, as the group is leaving the island in a helicopter, the view shifts to several pelicans flying below them, its clear the filmmakers knew it too.

Anyway, so those who were discouraged that previous editions of JP did not present dinosaurs with feathers were hoping that this time around they would. But no, for consistency reasons, I suspect (and probably because the fright factor with giant birds might not be the same), they kept them bare and reptilian looking.

I won’t wade into the debate except to say, the movie’s made and there’s no redoing it. If the series had shown dinosaurs with feathers all along I’d have preferred that, but it’s a bit late now.

All of this reinforces, in my mind my desire to keep Opalescence accurate, something I’ve struggled to do. On the other hand, I also employed some literary license to fill in gaps, make conjectures, and/or add scenery. Though many scientists helped me with the science, because of these personal forays I state at the beginning:

While the author has endeavored to be thorough and accurate regarding life and conditions during the Miocene, this work is one interpretation. Thus, it is possible that errors have crept in. Additionally, due to scanty data, and in an effort to recreate that long bygone world, certain scenarios are envisaged. These imaginings and errors are solely those of the author. The use of material from others does not imply endorsement of the ideas herein.

Every now and then, if I find an inaccuracy in the science of the story, I do a revision. If you have an older version, my apologies. On the other hand, however, please keep in mind that Opalescence is a novel, not a science text.


2 thoughts on “Jurassic Wars

  1. I didn’t know there was a little war regarding the last opus. Good to know, it makes sense 🙂 I didn’t really like the film, even if seeing this big animals on screen was kind of interesting. The story is a bit bad.


    • Does seem a bit silly doesn’t it? Still maybe someone else will come out with a film with feathers. My guess is it would be a hit.

      There are aspects of the various movies I like. Didn’t much care for that one when the Rex comes to the mainland though – too much like Godzilla. Anyway thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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