Solo Hike

At Santa Margarita “Lake” (no water). Still, an enjoyable trek. Click to enlarge.

Tree down across the trail.

In the shade, wildflowers.

A bee on fiddlenecks. Look at the color variety inside the flowers!

A doe enjoying the sunset.

I once took snippets from this beautiful species of willow home and started a willow hedge which is now tall and wide.

Sacred pool.

What life was lived here?

A view inside. Note the tub and the fireplace to heat water for it.

A delicate, five-petaled wild rose.


8 thoughts on “Solo Hike

  1. You found some neat and interesting things. What happened to the house? Unfinished? Love seeing wildlife and nice you found a pretty blossom! Looks like it was a good hike! 🙂


    • Yes. I’ve been hiking the lake for a long time now. I always walk past the old house as that’s the way the trail goes. It’s actually kind of small, but it brings to mind a time now gone (the old west I presume). Thanks for stopping by!


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