Big Sur!

Went on a trip to the Sur with my kid. We had a great time. Here are some photos. Click to enlarge.

Musty having a shake.

A hike up the Cruickshank Trail.

We find some lovely swimming holes.

Ladybugs over a beautiful pool. There were zillions of them! 🙂

Towering Redwoods.

A tired boy.

Sign at Jade Cove

Moon shot.

Our impromptu campsite.

Sunset at our camp.

Another moon shot.

Below: Some cosmic events. First, an image of the planets Venus (the brighter light), and Jupiter together.

Moonlight over the Pacific.

A red moon. I was alerted to this when I woke to feel a insect biting me. I looked and was startled, in my just awakened mode, that something awful had happened. This was over the ocean, just above the horizon and it looked like something from Alas Babylon. Apologies for the bad picture quality.

A bit of warning: If you intend to visit Big Sur I recommend bringing your own food and drink. Major gouging happens via the businesses that service tourists along this roughly 100 mile stretch.


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