One Day’s Haul

I’ve mentioned before that when hiking I often pick up and carry off garbage left by thoughtless others. Below is an image from a recent hike (keep in mind this is just one trail). Click to enlarge.

In case you’re wondering, all those colored round things are shotgun shells.

I just have to wonder why people go to beautiful places only to trash them? Really, it’s rampant. Is there some message there? Perhaps some convoluted psychological reasoning? Or is it just good ‘ol fashioned disrespect perpetrated by mental midgets?

This is from another day’s hike:

To me, it’s similar with sport hunters and loggers. I’ve heard them say that they love being outdoors, but they seem to equate that love with death and destruction, failing to take their actions to their logical conclusions. Likely, they would vehemently list reasons why I’m wrong. Still, to me, it’s perverse. But hey.

Clarification: Lest I leave the wrong impression and dissuade people from venturing into the wilderness, while trash along hiking trails is quite common, a haul like this is not.


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