Bishop’s Peak

As this hike is close to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo it’s popular with students. It’s rocky and can be treacherous. On today’s hike I came upon a girl in tears, having twisted her ankle. As she was with someone who mentioned no need for help (I asked) I continued on. I once, though, had to help another girl all the way down who also had twisted an ankle. People have fallen from the top too, probably due to vertigo and the fact that it’s not level.

Click to enlarge.







img_20150412_131820105 View from the top.


img_20150412_142759259 That’s Bishop’s Peak to the right.


2 thoughts on “Bishop’s Peak

  1. Beautiful hike. You gotta be somewhat of having a boy’s scout attitude to be fully safe with hiking, eh. 🙂 Got lost once, hiked without enough water and improper shoes. 🙂 Luckily, I haven’t twisted my ankles before.


    • Yes, I think their motto is “Be Prepared”. I read that story of yours awhile back Rommel. I too have had all kinds of mishaps, fortunately, though, none I couldn’t get out of. I try to learn from my mistakes.

      BTW, I was going to include a pic of some people that were rappelling from the top, but didn’t, then I deleted it. :/ Take care my friend.


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