Library Journal!

I applied to Library Journal and BiblioBoard’s Self-e program to make the e-book version of Opalescence available to participating libraries sometime back. Following is part of an email I received a couple of days ago.

“Congratulations-your book, Opalescence, has been accepted into Library Journal’s curated SELF-e collections! As your book is a featured selection we look forward to sharing it with subscribing libraries all over the country on BiblioBoard Library and helping to build a base of new readers…. We anticipate the first Library Journal SELF-e curated collection will be available to libraries in mid-2015 and we will contact you when your book is available to readers nationwide. Your book will also be available to readers throughout your state in the Indie CALIFORNIA module as a “highlighted selection.” The Indie CALIFORNIA module will launch when we have enough accepted books from CALIFORNIA”


(see their logo to the left)

If you are a self-published author, I encourage you to take part in LJ’s Self-e program. Yes your book(s) will be available for free to library patrons, but it will also give it/them much needed exposure in a very competitive market.

Thank you Library Journal and BiblioBoard!

Update: See my Opalescence: a Top Read for 2016 post!


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