Now that more time has passed and I’ve been able to relax a bit from the mayhem of self-publishing, I am planning to do another edit, correcting for typos we somehow missed on previous go-throughs, etc. It won’t be right away as I am waiting on a reader who is searching for issues.

I have heard, though, from an Edgar Rice Burroughs fan who says that my book is redundant as apparently Burroughs has already been there, done that, (and did it better) with a link to Burroughs’ book The Cave Girl as an example.

I have read several of Burroughs’ stories in the past, and yes, they are entertaining, but in reading the description of The Cave Girl, I have to say that it really doesn’t sound to me very much like Opalescence. I guess the thing that I really didn’t like about his stories was the non-stop violence. Here you have the hero, usually a white guy, spending a significant portion of said book (pick your title) waylaying the natives until he’s up to his neck in bodies and the ground runs thick with their blood. He can barely go on after hours of this genocide as his arms are simply too tired to keep swinging his sword. At least that’s how I remember it. Some have accused Burroughs of racism. I can’t say.

There are lots of other books somewhat similar to Opalescence. Books about people living in the prehistoric past. But what strikes me about them is that they usually or always involve simply putting contemporary-type situations – human scandals, infighting, and wars – in primal settings, throwing in a few dinosaurs or mammoths, then turning it into just another dreary soap opera. I patently wanted to avoid that.

Opalescence is (I hope) a story of wonder and discovery, with the human element included, as it must since we are humans after all. Sure, I could have made Tom a superhero who battles the elements and people, conquering all, but aren’t books and movies already over glutted with these oh-so predictable, and implausible stories? How about a bit of realism for a change?


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