The Obligatory Cat Post

By now some may be wondering ‘why is this guy talking to himself’? I suspect, though, that most blogs consist of people talking to themselves. Is anyone listening? Maybe not, but one plugs away anyway, for whatever reason.

Never seen a blog that doesn’t talk about cats. Well, we have a cat too! Her name is Foxy (so named because she slightly resembles a fox). We used to have two cats, both sisters. Foxy is the calico and the other cat, Scruffles, was the gray cat. I assume they had different fathers. Scruffles was eccentric but lovable. Kind of destructive, though. Must have been that awful and overpopulated cat pound we found them in. We had to take both, we were told. Though at first we only wanted foxy, we soon loved Scruffles too.

Foxy and Scruffles

Foxy and Scruffles

She disappeared maybe three years after we got them. From time to time she would come home torn up. We were not sure what was happening, but it may have been a stray outdoor cat. I once saw the outdoor cat, which I called “Outdoor Kitty” pounce on an unsuspecting Foxy. So when Scruffles disappeared I decided to relocate Outdoor Kitty; didn’t want to chance losing Foxy too.

Lately we are trying to train her to use the toilet instead of a smelly litter box. We are having some success, though she had a bit of a regression today. Used the dirt in a planted pot to go in. As I write she is lying, in her queenly fashion, snuggled behind me on a cozy blanket.

Foxy in Repose

Foxy in Repose


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