The art of reconstructing our ancient relatives, the Neandertals (commonly, neanderthals) from fossils has gotten pretty amazing. Neanderthals (roughly 350,000 to 35,000 years ago) did not lead to us however, we came from another group once called the Cro-Magnons (now called Early Modern Humans). Eventually the Neanderthals became extinct. But before that happened there is […]

The Music Muse

I’ve always been a fan of beautiful music. It’s one of humankind’s redeeming qualities. When writing Opalescence I usually retreated to a darkened room, devoid of as much unwanted outside stimuli as possible. This was so that I could permit my mind to wander undistracted. To slip back in time and travel that long, lovely, […]

Zzyzx Road

From Jon Jenkins’ Beyond City Light album. One of those special tunes that inspired me to write. Zzyzx, a small complex of buildings located in the Mojave Desert Midway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, was once a spa and retreat of sorts for devout Christians. It was run by a colorful fellow named Curtis […]


Though not rich by a looong shot, I try to do something with my wonderful daughter every year during her summer break from school. Of course, I have fun too. So we climbed in the old truck and headed out. Last year it was Big Sur. This year Big Sur is sadly burning, so we […]

After Man

With so much dire news, especially since the turn of the century/millennium it seems, apocalypticism is all the rage as people ponder and worry about the future, a hint of apprehension present every time we look at the headlines. The topic is a hot one in literary quarters as well and I wonder if it […]

Manzanita Tea (and other wild edibles)

Arctostaphylos spp. I love manzanita. For some reason, I associate it with wild California. With prehistoric* California (and you know my preoccupation with the prehistoric😉 ). It sounds silly, but manzanita has a special place in my consciousness. Maybe it was just seeing it so often on my mountain hikes, its beautiful, smooth red bark […]

Hi Valley

This is a hike that I’ve only walked a few times, yet it’s a beauty. The first time, I discovered it quite by accident years ago. No signs or marker, just a thin trail I happened to notice meekly winding it’s secretive way through the grassy woodland until it was lost from view. I took […]

Something New

For Opalesscence. A Goodreads Book Giveaway. While I have given away e-book versions of O before , this will be the first time I’ve done so with paperback* copies. Thus you might say it’s a bit of an experiment. Starting today, July 15, and running for one month to August 15, I am giving away […]

The Mountains Are Calling

and I must go. ~ John Muir More than a year ago I wrote a post about my desire to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. All 2,650 miles of it. From Canada to Mexico. I’ve long believed that everyone needs at least one real journey in his/her life. Most people that hike the PCT go […]