Though I like sunsets (and who doesn’t like photos of them) and long thought of ’em as my favorite time of day, I’ve always enjoyed the freshness of mornings. Especially in the last several years. The newness. The hope. In general, new and younger things in nature just kind of seem more cheerful to be […]

Bob Reynolds: An Infectious Good Nature

I was saddened to read of Robert E. Reynolds* death today. He has a long legacy that will be very hard for someone to fill. I learned about it via the Desert Symposium website. Though I am obviously interested in the Barstovian, and other such happy, peaceful times, I am utterly dwarfed by Bob. Bob was […]

Bog Thistle to Mariposa to Morro View

This is a trailet to the trail. Part of the Irish Hills. It’s named for the native and limited Chorro Creek Bog Thistle. Today, I went to this little path and thought I’d share it with you. Note: I also recently hiked East Cuesta Ridge and found the beauty of the surrounding countryside phenomenal as […]

On The Beach

No, not the science fiction, although it’s certainly an Apocalyptic feeling time. This was this morning. Feast your eyes because I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it this empty. Usually, there’s cars all over it. Ruddy and I almost got hit by a zooming RV (coming from behind us), of all things, here once. It […]

Walking in the shade of the Laurel

Took another hike today. I think that shelter-in-place might be our undoing. The United States, that is. Americans have a hard time staying cooped up. Especially western Americans. Especially in the spring. When you see green grass growing, smell the flower’s blooming and hear the birds singing, you gotta get out. One of the bottom […]

The Cup Is Half-Full

It is quite surreal for us to see this whole situation unfolding on the planet below,” Meir told CBS News during an orbital news conference Friday. “The Earth still looks just as stunning as always from up here, so it’s difficult to believe all the changes that have taken place. ~ Astronaut, Jessica Meir Lots […]

Newish Hikes in SLO County

This time I thought I’d make it a 2-fer. Two posts at once. That way I can maybe take a break again. There’s some new-ish hikes in SLO County. Theres others too. These are usually areas local governmental leaders have designated while also designating development. They maybe figure they’ll be less protests that way? I […]


“In crisis, some men panic, and some find a courage they never knew they had” – Theodore Strauss of Jacques Cousteau fame It’s been a long time. Too long. What has happened in the intervening period. A lot. For one, I had surgery. I think I knew it was coming since a little after my […]